Biker Justice

Hack’s fear of bikers is well documented but when his friend Snow Mercy got her motorcycle license, he tried sucking up to her by writing this novel where the bikers are the heroes. The first time he saw her after the book’s publication, she ran over his foot with her motorcycle which made him more afraid of them than ever.

Victimless Crime

Hack tried to combine two of his favorite fantasies: his cover artist Jonny M. being murdered and playing with his friend Harmony Sanchez’ enormous pair of boobs. When Sanchez (who is also a good friend of Jonny) read the book, she was so angry that she beat Hack’s ass with a belt, so at least he got to live out a third fantasy.

Jonny’s Mob

Hack was once paid fifty dollars to serve as a “filler” in a police lineup and was identified as the perpetrator by the key witness, who turned out to be his second wife and “wanted to teach the bastard a lesson.” That lesson included Hack serving two months in prison until she recounted her testimony but it all had a happy ending. Hack based this book on the experience and his ex-wife said the four years she served for perjury was “totally worth it.”