The Eye of the Beholder

This is one of Hack’s more esoteric novels, inspired by a holiday called Beautiful Day, which celebrates all things of beauty. Hack had an idea for a story in which the hero seeks out “true beauty” but he and his cover artist Jonny M. discussed what was beautiful to them and they could only think of hot chicks, to which their male friends agreed. Jonny’s pug Boris suggested pug food, so that was thrown into the mix but the resulting story was only seven pages long. Fortunately, Hack started getting suggestions from female acquaintances along the lines of painting, music and natural phenomenons like sunrises, inspiring faces, and the white plastic bag from American Beauty, which gave Hack enough material (padded by a bunch of his signature anal sex scenes) for a full-length novel (and one of his better ones).


“After Jonny’s rectum had been pulverized by the agent’s massive shvantz, Agent 99 quietly asked him why he didn’t just take her place at jury duty instead of surrendering his anus in return for the information. He and Boris exchanged an enigmatic look and Jonny gazed intensely at his female colleague.

‘Where’s the fun in that?'”

The Seductive Strikers

It’s Wordsmith Day, a holiday to celebrate the weavers of words, and Hack felt that was the perfect time to lend his support to the Writers Guild of America strike.

Hack joined the WGA in 1957 when he was hired to write additional dialogue for the cult classic “Teen Jailbait in Women’s Prison.” He was kicked out five years later for trying to form an ultra left-wing splinter union because he didn’t think the WGA’s tactics were violent enough. But he’s always been a supporter of collective bargaining and he knows that the provisions the union is asking for are fair and reasonable. Right will prevail.

Don’t look for Hack on any picket lines because he’s always far too hungover to get out of bed before 3:00 in the afternoon. But this novel is his means of saying that he’s behind the WGA all the way.