The Insane Plot of Doctor Mercy: Female Mad Scientist

Hack wrote this third entry in the “Doctor Mercy: Female Mad Scientist” saga when he awoke from a dream which told him that Covid-19 comes from the butt. It turned out that he had suffered from such bad gas that night that the woman he was sleeping with had to be rushed to the hospital, where she eventually caught Covid-19. She said the the effects of the virus weren’t anywhere near as bad as living through a night of Hack’s monster farts.

Coronavirus Nurse

When international superstar Tom Hanks was diagnosed with the coronavirus, Hack sat down and wrote this novel about a promiscuous nurse in the coronavirus ward of a city hospital. While the book was little more than a series of Hack’s typically sick sex fantasies, many reviewers lauded him for understanding far more about the pandemic than the president of the United States.

Sex Nurse

Hack wrote this during a hospital stay when one of his testicles shattered after he was kicked in the crotch during a bar fight. He’s convinced that it’s a true story but he was so doped up that he doesn’t realize that he was just humping an inflatable love doll someone got him as a joke gift, and no one had the heart to tell him.

Considering that he had a shattered testicle at the time, it’s still a pretty impressive accomplishment.