Junior Ranger and the Secret of Mt. Baldy

Hack swore that this would be the last of the “Junior Ranger” saga because he was sick of parents complaining about the graphic sex scenes throughout the book. He wrote it after getting a letter from someone who claimed to be a 12 year-old boy undergoing chemotherapy who wanted a Junior Ranger book which showed that bald guys could get anal sex too. Several months after its publication, he met the correspondent who was really a 65 year-old accountant who suffered from alopecia.

Junior Ranger and the Killer Tigers of Yellowstone Park

Every time Hack wrote one of these Junior Ranger books he swore it would be the last one but kids loved them because while their parents thought they were wholesome stories for boys, they were actually packed with scenes of angry anal sex. In this one, a pack of man-eating tigers terrorize Yellowstone Park (Hack is adamant that wild tigers roam Yellowstone Park, despite all evidence to the contrary) and Ranger Joe has to disperse them gently and nonviolently. When he does, a gorgeous heiress who was camping at the park thanks him with a session of angry anal sex.

Junior Ranger and the Idiots of Shaver Lake

When his cover artist Jonny M.’s brother Joe (the basis for the Junior Ranger books) skinned his knee on a hike and acted like it was a life-threatening injury, Hack used it as the basis for this novel. To this day whenever the book is mentioned, he snaps “I was this close to contracting gangrene!” (Editor’s note: he was not anywhere close to it.)