The Bully Busters

Happy International STAND UP to Bullying Day!

I do feel compelled to point out that whenever Hack writes a book where a bully is a central character, he insists that his friend Tim Storms be depicted as the bully in question because Storms actually has a physique like that and Hack won’t admit it but he’s obsessively jealous about it even though he hasn’t set foot in a gym since he confronted bodybuilding trailblazer Vic Tanny while Tanny was doing squat-thrusts in 1965. Hack was convinced that Tanny was having an affair with his then-wife and challenged him to a fistfight even though it turned out that Tanny had, in fact, never heard of Hack or his wife. Even so, Tanny obliged Hack by tying his larynx in a square knot.

To the point, Tim Storms is actually a really sweet dude who would never bully anyone but when I pointed out to Hack that constantly depicting him as a bully was a form of bullying itself, he told me to shut up unless I wanted him to give me a nipple twister.

The Three Rageaholics

When Hack described a frustrating situation he was caught in between two companies that were screwing him over and then throwing the blame on the other company to his friend Snow Mercy, she replied “You’re like the Three Stooges. You’re Larry.”

Hack was so traumatized at being likened to Larry Fine in that scenario that he wrote this book as therapy.