The Insane Plot of Doctor Mercy: Female Mad Scientist

Hack wrote this third entry in the “Doctor Mercy: Female Mad Scientist” saga when he awoke from a dream which told him that Covid-19 comes from the butt. It turned out that he had suffered from such bad gas that night that the woman he was sleeping with had to be rushed to the hospital, where she eventually caught Covid-19. She said the the effects of the virus weren’t anywhere near as bad as living through a night of Hack’s monster farts.

Sex Robot

Hack wrote this when a female friend told him via Zoom that she was getting through the isolation of the Coronavirus quarantine by having sex with a dress mannequin that she had strapped a cucumber to. When Hack offered to come over and provide the service himself, she turned him down saying that she would find it too degrading.

Doctor Mercy: Female Mad Scientist

When Hack’s friend, world famous dominatrix Snow Mercy (who is also an actual bona fide scientist) lectured him on the scientific realities of the Covid-19 virus, he was so impressed that he went home and crapped out this sci-fi novel. As with all of Hack’s book, he did no research whatsoever and the “science” is all made up BS, but at least it gave you something to do while you were social distancing during the pandemic.