Korea Mullich and the Pillagers of Ted Williams’ Frozen Head

Happy heavenly birthday to Ted Williams!

Williams is most famous for two things. 1> He is arguably the greatest hitter in baseball history and 2> he had his head cryogenically frozen after his death so that it could be reanimated when the technology was available (no kidding, he really did). Hack is a huge baseball fan and also plans to have his remains frozen when he finally goes, so he wrote this novel in tribute to his hero.

The Mini Skirt Maneuver

Hack’s cover artist Jonny M. once wrote and directed a theater mash-up of Star Trek: The Original Series and Gilbert & Sullivan titled U.S.S. Pinafore. During that time, Jonny pondered if high-ranking female Starfleet officers – regardless of their age – were required to wear the mini skirt and go-go boots that all the other women on the ships wore. It’s a question that always pisses off hardcore Trekkies on Star Trek discussion boards but it so intrigued Hack that he wrote this novel about it.