Biker Justice

Hack’s fear of bikers is well documented but when his friend Snow Mercy got her motorcycle license, he tried sucking up to her by writing this novel where the bikers are the heroes. The first time he saw her after the book’s publication, she ran over his foot with her motorcycle which made him more afraid of them than ever.

Savage Bikers From Hell

Hack became obsessed with motorcycle gangs after he bought a used Vespa scooter in 1967 and fancied himself quite the hellraiser. He and some other “biker” friends watched Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones,” got excited and tried taking over a small town. They spent the weekend in jail until one of his friend’s mother bailed them out. The Vespa was stolen a few weeks later by a gang of roving bicycle thieves.

Black Leather Hoodlums

A motorcycle gang comprised on men in their fifties ascend up a local girls high school and introduce the Valedictorian to the wonders of anal intercourse on her 18th birthday. But a gorgeous student teacher spanks the defiance out of her and when she receives an acceptance letter to Harvard on graduation day, she thanks her guardian angel with a torrid weekend of violent lesbian sex. Very loosely based on the teenage years of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.