The Ill-Timed Poop

Here’s another tribute to a Hack supporter. Rob Vestal has always making a point of “liking” our posts when he checks them out and in thanks, he’s inevitably depicted as a murder victim when the story calls for it. In this novel, the story of Vestal’s availabilty as a corpse is explained when his super-hot paramour (depicted as 1940s movie star Gene Tierney) turned out to be a Mistress of Disguise who makes up a Skid Row vagrant that Vestal rubs out to look like him whenever he needs to fake his own death (which is alarmingly often).


Hack wrote this novel as a companion piece to a mystery board game that he hoped would pay off his massive personal debts but it just resulted in a massive plagiarism lawsuit from Hasbro over their game Clue that put him so deeper in debt that he not only had to declare bankruptcy for the sixth time but spend his free hours as an anti-fluffer in porn films for stars whose Viagra-induced erections wouldn’t go down after four hours requiring Hack to spit on them and curse about how easy the younger generation had it until the stiffies withered.

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