Princess Harmony: Warrior Goddess of the Underworld

A warrior princess enters the world of men to find a mate, where she meets a Hack Werker-like writer of pulp fiction to copulate with. She can only get pregnant anally, so they spend the rest of the novel having backdoor sex until she finally spits out a tiny egg (so that she won’t ruin her smokin’ hot body with pregnancy) that hatches into another gorgeous woman who needs to have anal sex with the pulp fiction writer to survive. Hack considers this one of his best books.

The Magic Carpet

This is a unique title in Hack’s collected works because it’s a wholesome kid’s book in which there is no sex whatsoever. It’s actually a pretty adorable takeoff on “The Arabian Nights” which fell flat on its face because his devoted readership bought Hack Werker novels for scenes of anal sex, not cutesy-poo adventures on a flying carpet. Hack later disowned the book, claiming that he only wrote it to impress a nursery school teacher that he wanted to have anal sex with.