A Holiday Miracle

This novel was originally published under the title Christmas Orgy but when Hack was facing a deadline with an evangelical publishing outlet for a Christmas-themed book on spirituality, he changed the nymphomaniacs in the original who came over to trim Jonny’s tree only to find the doors and windows locked when they got there to angels taking the form of his favorite Hollywood celebrities and added a few Bible verses for legitimacy. Surprisingly, the original version was condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency but the rewritten versions (with all its original debauchery left intact, including a gang bang sequence in the final chapter which was appalling even by Hack’s standards) won an award for Christian Values from the same organization.

King Rear

Boris went to the vet only to be told (as usual) how goddamned fat he is. That led to this, Hack’s third Shakespearean adaptation, from a play which your humble narrator considers to be the greatest work of art ever created. I don’t think anyone will say the same about this novelization but at least it has enough of Hack’s signature anal sex scenes to hold the reader’s interest.


This was Hack’s second Shakespearean adaptation after Puglet, once again featuring his cover artist Jonny M.’s pug Boris in the title role. This novel proved to be as unlucky as the play it was based on because three times Hack sent Boris the only existing manuscript for approval and all three times the pug urinated on it until it shriveled into pulp. Boris swears it was an accident although his attorney did file a restraining order to try and stop its publication.