Police Chick

Hack was blind drunk through most of the 1970s so he has only a hazy recollection of the Angie Dickinson TV series Police Woman. But he has a vague memory of one episode where Angie is captured by a baddie and he orders her to take off her bra so he can check for concealed weapons. Angie is saved from the horrors of having to expose her boobage to the fiend at the last second but Hack decided to base an entire novel on the scenario.

Stairway to Hell

This cover was inspired by Hack’s cover artist Jonny M.’s experiences when his home of Los Angeles was facing the scourge of Tropical Storm Hillary. It began when Jonny texted the cover art for The Bunker to a friend the day before, who responded “You’re going to hell.”

A little later when it was pouring rain from Tropical Storm Hilary, Jonny had a vision of an earthquake and having to evacuate his government-assisted housing outside. Shortly afterward, there was an earthquake (no evacuation necessary, though). When he told the same friend about it, they replied “so the earthquake is YOUR fault.”

Jonny made the cover and Hack dashed out a novel around it.