The Flim Flam Con Man

Hack wrote this when he overheard the actors at the 99-seat theater across the street from the Shakey’s where he works as a night time janitor complain bitterly that they were slaving away at minimum wage while the producer got rich. Hack thought this was hysterical because the producer was the daytime janitor at the same Shakey’s.

Harvey: The Feeding

This is the last of Hack’s “Harvey” trilogy in which the ghost of Harvey, the murderous six-foot tall invisible rodent, comes back from the dead in search of human blood and makes Elwood P. Dowd his mind slave. Dowd is placed in an asylum for the criminally insane as Harvey slaughters and then feeds on the population of the small town where Dowd lives until they are the only ones left. Harvey finally comes into the asylum with Dowd thinking that Harvey will free him, but it eats him instead.

Harvey: The Reckoning

Hack’s novelization of the play “Harvey” was so successful that he wrote this sequel where, after the hero Elwood P. Dowd finally frees himself of being the savage rodent’s mind slave and destroys in by feeding it into a gigantic meat grinder, Harvey’s ghost comes back for revenge. After that, it plays out pretty much exactly like it did in the first book.