Senior Junior Ranger and the Passionate Pachyderm of Pepperbrook Park

Happy birthday to Bro Joe!

When Joe complained to Hack that the most popular Junior Ranger books (which are based on his adventures as an outdoorsman) depict him being sexually assaulted by wild animals on the cover, Hack decided to honor Joe’s birthday with this tale of Joe’s brother and Hack’s cover artist Jonny M. being anally raped by a bull elephant as Joe and Jonny’s pug Boris laughed their asses off. At first, Jonny refused to paint the cover art until the publisher’s lawyer threatened him with financial ruin if he declined the project.

Joe later said that it was his best birthday ever.


When Hack’s cover artist Jonny M. took his beloved friend Snow Mercy to see a play starring Jonny’s old pal Eddie Frierson (who Snow was lucky enough to have never met), Frierson saw them afterwards and told Snow that he felt like he already knew her through her many depictions in Jonny’s “inappropriate” social media posts. Hack was so delighted at Jonny being taken down in front of a hot chick like that that he wrote this novel to immortalize it.